Why It’s Pointless To Bargain With God

Dear Lewis,

Our family has spent the past few weeks getting ready for a major change. For the next several months we’re going to live with your grandma and grandpa. I don’t want to scare you, but I do want to be honest with you – you’re going to live in the suburbs for a while.

Lewis, sometimes you have to spend seasons of your life in places you’d rather not be. I can assure you, if God leads you there it will be worth it, and you will get far more than you bargained for.

I use the phrase “bargained for” on purpose. If you grow up to be like me you’ll find that when you feel God undeniably pulling you in a certain direction your response, instead of just going with it, will be to bargain with Him.

“Sure, God,” you’ll say. “I’ll walk down this road that I’m certain is for the best, and as I do I’ll trust you to…” We’re really good at convincing ourselves that our hearts are in the right place. We say, “I’ll trust you to…” but we think, “I expect something in return.”

Even when we clearly see the benefits of where God is leading we try to smuggle in something extra, something selfish, something to make us feel like we’re in control.

We attempt, foolishly, to manipulate God. Instead, we should say, “God, I see all of the amazing things on the horizon, even from my limited, uninformed, unimaginative point of view. I can’t wait to see how you blow my ideas out of the water.”

When we as a band made the well-thought out decision to move to Salt Lake I had hopes of touring, recording, building a fan base, and making a name for ourselves. We got all of that, and rather quickly. Not to be outdone, God gave me a wife and son more beautiful and amazing than I deserve. And He’s given me so much more.

Lewis, God has shown me so many times before that He can be trusted not only to take care of me in seasons like the one we’re about to enter, but that He is far more creative and loving than I ever imagined. The Bible, my life, and Nani and Papa’s life are replete with examples of how God is faithful when we follow where He leads.

I have a lot of hopes for the next year, Lewis. But, just so you know, this time, I’m keeping them to myself. I’m praying that my eyes will be open to what God is doing, and my feet quick to follow his leading.

I love you, Lewis. I hope you’re ready for God to blow our measly dreams out of the water this year.


Do you find yourself bargaining with God instead of trusting that what He has called you to will lead to more than you ever imagined?

Think about seasons in your life where God has proven His ability to take care of you. How did He blow your expectations out of the water?

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  1. Matt Ham   •  

    Paul –
    My word this year is TRUST. Really enjoyed this. Thanks, brother.

    • Paulie Godbout Paulie Godbout   •     Author

      You and I are in the same boat, Matt. But if I’m honest, trust is something I’ve been learning my whole life. Every time I think I’ve made progress it’s as if God says, “All right, let’s go even further,” and he presents a new challenge or takes me into a new season where I must learn to trust him even more than ever.

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