The Plan Of A Lifetime: A Letter From Papa

Dear Lewis,

I’m in an airplane as I write this, flying with your Nani to see some good friends in a country called Guatemala. When you get older you and I will go visit them, and we can climb a live volcano and throw stuff in the lava just to watch it burn (your Uncle Nik and I did that once and it was awesome – except when I burned my eyelashes and eyebrows off and thought for a minute that I was blind).  We’ll tell your mom that we’re going to Ted Drewes for ice cream – by the time we’re found out we should be halfway to Mexico.

Anyway, I wanted to write you to tell you about something that I am just now beginning to understand about God, something that I would have never begun to grasp if it weren’t for your dad and you.

Here it is: the God of the Bible is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It may not sound that exciting to you, so let me tell you what I mean.

As you begin to learn the stories of the people in the Bible, you’ll discover that Abraham came along first, then he had a boy he named Isaac, and then he had a son he named Jacob.  That means Abraham was the grandpa, Isaac was the son, and Jacob was the grandson – just like me, your dad and you.  Cool, huh?

The first story we find about Abraham happens years and years before Isaac was born. God tells Abraham of his plans, plans to save and bless the world, and plans that include Abraham.

Many years later Abraham’s son Isaac is born. And when Isaac reaches a certain age, God repeats the plans to him and lets him know that the plans include Him also.

Many more years pass and Isaac’s son Jacob is born. And guess what? God repeats the plans to Jacob, telling him that he will also play a part in the plans.

Now you have to know that many different things happened in Abraham’s life: good things and bad things, crazy things and boring things. And I’m sure that at many points it seemed to Abraham that God had forgotten all about him and the plans to save and bless the world. The same could be said for Isaac and definitely for Jacob.

But…the truth was that God’s plans were in action the whole time.  That’s one thing about God: his plans take time. And his big plans take a long time. And his biggest and best plans take a lifetime, sometimes many lifetimes, to unfold.

What you and your dad are helping me to learn, Lewis, is that God’s plans for my life are just that, plans for my life – my whole life. And that some of the best parts of the plans will take a lifetime to be accomplished or realized.

You are evidence of that.  I love you, buddy.

– Papa

P.S. I’m serious about the Guatemala thing – we’ll bring safety glasses.

Has God given you a plan, dream or goal for your life? Are you frustrated because it’s taking a long time to achieve?

Could it be that God’s plans for your life are so big they will take a lifetime to unfold? Could it be that the plans are bigger than you ever imagined? So big, in fact, that some people involved haven’t even been born yet?

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