The Creative, Personal Love Of God

Dear Lewis,

Give. Give with open hands. Look for ways to give. When given the opportunity – give. Give your time, give your money, give your attention, give whatever you’ve got that people want.

Your mom and I talk about money a lot. That’s because we don’t have much. We’ve struggled financially for the three years we’ve been married. But we decided, from the very beginning, we wanted to be people who give.

Lewis, this is going to sound cheesy. I assure you, if you can get passed the fact that it’s an overused phrase, and realize how true it really is, it will change your life.

You can’t out give God.

It’s impossible to out give God. You can try. With a pure heart, and a desire to love Him and love others, you can try. But you will not win.

Today we went to the grocery store to pick up a few small items. Every year our grocery store takes donations to help feed families during the holiday. We saw the sign and I asked you mom if we could donate $5. Of course, she said yes.

The girl behind the checkout counter told us some local companies got together and donated products for gift baskets to be given to people who donate $10 or more. We’ll get back to the items in a minute, but there was cool stuff in a few different bags. Your mom asked if we could do $20 and get two baskets, to which the checkout girl said yes.

By the end we donated $25 because (1) we could feed a family of four for a day at that amount, and (2) we were almost there anyway. We finished checking out and went home.

What you have to understand is that over the past few months your mom and I have been further transitioning into a holistic lifestyle. We’re trying to use deodorant and toothpaste and shampoos with only natural ingredients, no chemicals. Our food is mostly organic and we’ve reduced the amount of meat we eat to just a few ounces a week, hoping eventually to cut it out of our diet completely.

In the basket we were given we found natural deodorant and cosmetic products, meal-replacement bars, corn chips, and other cool stuff.

Here’s my point Lewis: We were given the opportunity to give and we did. But you can’t out give God. He responded by introducing us to a variety of all-natural, locally made products to help us during this transition. He gave to Cherie and Paulie Godbout exactly what would bless them right now.

That is the God we serve, Lewis. Our God is personal, He’s creative, and He loves us. Karma may have given us $25 at some point in the future. A personal God who loves us creatively put more time and energy into what He gave us. Instead of money He gave us things that would help us better use our money in the future.

Awhile back I told you if God ever showed you all the things He’d done for you that you didn’t even realize that He would do so lovingly, not rubbing it in your face. Days like today are what make me believe that. The things I do see are sometimes subtle. So subtle I almost miss them.

Lewis, this is how I want to love you. I want to love you creatively, in ways that say, “I love you! I’m listening! I’m watching! And I’ve spent days taking what I’ve seen and heard to heart, thinking, pondering, planning out how to give you what only you want and only you need at this very moment.”

I want to love you like that, Lewis, because that’s exactly how God loves me. So put all of this to the test. Give. Give generously. Give dangerously. You’ll never out give God.

– Dad

photo credit: Ani-Bee via photopin cc

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