The 100 Year Prayer

Dear Lewis,

The past few days have been exhausting. All I wanted to do tonight was sit on the couch with you and your mom and watch television. But your mom was far more exhausted than I’ll ever be. So when you didn’t fall asleep after feeding tonight she told me to take you so she could get some sleep. I tried to console you, but you wouldn’t stop crying and you definitely wouldn’t go to sleep. Luckily, I have a trick that, so far, always works.

The walking path from the street to our building is made of old clay bricks. Not one brick is level or flush with another. It makes for a rough ride in your stroller, and you love it. You’ve even been known to stop crying the moment we get on the bumpy path. Tonight it took forty-five minutes of walking back and forth along the same twenty-five-foot path for you to fall asleep.

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