Martin, Music & Change

Dear Lewis,

As you grow up, one of your heroes should absolutely be Martin Luther King Jr. You’re going to hear a lot of white people like me say that, especially this time of year, but I promise you I mean it. When you’re old enough, we’ll read and discuss his “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” (you can thank your Uncle Josh for making me read the letter for the first time). We’ll listen to his sermon  “But If Not“, and then talk about the difference between what he calls If Faith and Though Faith.

But first, we’ll probably talk about the importance music played in the March on Washington, where Dr. King gave his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech.

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I Hope You Find Failure

Dear Lewis,

Tuesday was a creative day. I spent it working at the University of Utah, trying to get people to hang out at our booth, demo our products, and sign up for our mailing list.

I love these events. For one thing, nothing forces you to be creative like trying to engage strangers for eight hours. Nothing will sharpen your mind and teach you to be a better communicator like having only two seconds to capture someone’s attention.

The other thing I love is that, in these situations, you will always fail more than you succeed. To be blunt – you get rejected. Continue reading…