The Terror Of Growing Up


Dear Lewis,

Tomorrow you’ll be 10 months old. I’m blown away by how much you’re already capable of on you own. You’ve even begun flirting with walking! You’re taking a few steps before you get so excited you fall on your face.

I remember bringing you home from the hospital. You were 8 pounds of helpless cuteness. I remember how fragile you were, and how careful we were when holding you. Your mom and I were so scared we’d fail to take care of you.

Now look at you…you’re amazing. You’re also terrifying.

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I’ll Still Be Here When You Need Me


Dear Lewis,

A few months ago you would have cried and screamed and flailed your arms if I’d have laid you on your belly. Now, the moment I put you on the ground you roll over onto your stomach. You don’t stop there. You do this awesome G.I. Joe army crawl that gets you all over the apartment.

It’s wonderful – and terrifying – watching you get into everything in every room of the apartment. I used to say, “I can’t wait until Lewis can do more than just lay on the ground and look cute.” Now, it’s happened. And I’m so proud of how you’ve learned to roll over, get around and entertain yourself.

Pretty soon you’ll learn to crawl. Then walk. Take the bus. Drive. I’ll be there to help you through each transition, but one day I’ll wake up to find you’re capable of moving through most of life on your own. You won’t need me to do much for you anymore.

But I’ll still be there when you do.

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