You’re Sick, Lewis. So Am I.


Dear Lewis,

The past few days have been crazy. It has nothing to do with Christmas. It has everything to do with you getting sick for the first time.

It was Christmas Eve. You and I were hanging out like we do every morning. Except this morning, even though you hadn’t eaten for 11 hours, you weren’t interested in your bottle. I kept at it, and half an hour later, and less than half your bottle later, you puked on your self, on me, the couch, even the floor.

You didn’t cry, but I panicked.

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Your Normal Isn’t Normal: A Letter From James Kennison



Your dad asked me a while back to write you a letter. My immediate thought was “NO!” What could I say to a baby I’ve never even met that would mean anything? Your Dad hardly listened to me in his youth… why would you?

The tone of these letters are always very deep and serious. They’re life-altering and they speak to all of us. Your Dad is an awesome man for not only writing his thoughts to you, but sharing them with the rest of us. Part of the reason I didn’t want to write was because of the great amount of respect I have for your Dad’s project… the other part is because I know there’s a big chance that you’ll take this all for granted.

I imagine you’re around 16 to 17 years old. You’re on the threshold of the rest of your life and it’s time to read through these letters full of hope, passion, struggles, lessons and truth. Maybe you’ve read some previously… but now you’re of age and they’re really starting to make sense.

But here’s the thing I worry about… this is normal for you.

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Aunt Niki & Uncle Dago’s Wedding


Dear Lewis,

You partied so hard at Uncle Dago and Aunt Niki’s wedding last night. You owned the dance floor. You and I kicked the party off, and then you and your mom danced; then you and Jacqueline; then you and Aunt Niki. You danced with so many people I lost track. You stayed until the end of the night, until security shut us down!

It wasn’t just last night, though. With the exception of kayaking, you were part of everything this week, including the bonfire at Bonita Cove. You partied hard all week with Aunt Niki and Uncle Dago!

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My First Father’s Day


Dear Lewis,

Every year, Father’s Day comes and goes without much fuss. It’s not usually a memorable holiday. But this Father’s Day is different. This Father’s Day I’m scared.

I’m scared to talk to my dad, Lewis. I don’t know what to say to your PaPa. I’m not sure I’ll be able to speak if he answers the phone. I feel so ashamed, even though I know he loves me no matter what.

It’s his love that’s the problem.

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Late Nights, Early Mornings


Dear Lewis,

Last night my boss sent me a text at 12:03am. Not only did the message wake me up, it asked me to come in early. I’m a hard worker, but I’m not on the clock at midnight. Still, I replied “Sure,” hoping my response would mask my frustration, and then went back to sleep.

Somewhere around 3:30am you began crying. Knowing your mom was exhausted from dealing with you by herself all day I easily persuaded her to go to bed and let me take over. I talked to you, sang to you, rocked you, and even changed your diaper. But, you just kept crying.

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What Have You Done?


Dear Lewis,

From the moment I got home tonight you’ve been asleep. I made dinner, went to the store for your mom, and then read a few chapters of Princess Academy. Meanwhile, you haven’t done a thing.

You haven’t made a cute face to make me smile. You haven’t gripped my finger and warmed my heart. You haven’t done anything for me today. You’ve never done anything for me. You’ve only ever taken: taken my sleep, my time, my energy, my money, my patience, and even my wife.

But still, I love you.

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