You’re Sick, Lewis. So Am I.


Dear Lewis,

The past few days have been crazy. It has nothing to do with Christmas. It has everything to do with you getting sick for the first time.

It was Christmas Eve. You and I were hanging out like we do every morning. Except this morning, even though you hadn’t eaten for 11 hours, you weren’t interested in your bottle. I kept at it, and half an hour later, and less than half your bottle later, you puked on your self, on me, the couch, even the floor.

You didn’t cry, but I panicked.

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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times


Dear Lewis,

Yesterday you embarked on an epic adventure. You left the apartment around 9:30am and walked 8 blocks to the train stop. As you rode along, you watched the world around you with wide-eyed wonder. Your first time on the train you rode the rails like a pro. Two trains, one transfer, and forty minutes later you arrived at the airport.

But your adventure had only just begun.

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Why God Is My Last Priority


Dear Lewis,

I love praying for you. I get excited imagining all God has for you, and how He might use your life for His glory.

Will you restore people’s bodies with medicine like Nani, or through massage therapy like mommy? Will you play music like Uncle Josh, or be a teacher like PaPa? I can’t wait to find out.

There are two things I can tell you about what you do with your life. The first is that God will use it to bring you closer to Him. The second, the devil will use it to lure you away from Him.

His method is simple. He’ll cause you to ask, “Is God’s approval enough?” Don’t be so quick to say, “Yes, of course.” You’ll be surprised by how much time you’re going to spend desperately seeking the approval of everyone but God.

Lewis, by now you should know what’s coming: look to Jesus and how he handled this question.

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Simple, Life-Changing Love


Dear Lewis,

You’re sitting on the floor, smiling from ear to ear, mumbling unintelligibly, and banging your fist against a plastic plate. And I couldn’t love you more than I do right now.

God must look at what I do everyday and see a fool mumbling unintelligibly, banging plastic plates. And he couldn’t love me more than he does right now.

I love you, Lewis. God loves you more.

– Dad

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God Loves Me? I Doubt It.


Dear Lewis,

As my son you’re bound to inherit many of my traits. I pray my love for God and my desire to create are passed on to you. I hope the thrill of the unknown captures your heart as it has mine. There’s at least one quality I hope isn’t passed along: no matter how clearly God shows His love for me, I still question Him.

DNA and genetics are hardwired into us. Our instincts are not easily altered. But Jesus says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

If you’re saddled with my struggle to trust God’s love, to know what being loved really means, as always, look to Jesus’ example. Look at how he understood the love of The Father.

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The Answer To The Question: Who Are You?


Dear Lewis,

The other day I told you that opposition from the enemy always follows a true encounter with God. Ask any follower of Christ and they’ll tell you the very thing they feel God speaking over them is the very thing they find called into question.

This is exactly what Jesus experienced in the desert after his baptism; a fact that I hope you will find most comforting in your own times of questioning.

And Lewis, you will question God.

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Why Questioning God Is Normal


Dear Lewis,

I don’t know what God has planned for you. I can tell you that you’ll never be more confident in who you are than when you know what He’s called you to do with your life. On the other hand, I know you’ll never question yourself, your calling, and your God more than you will once He makes that calling clear.

Don’t worry though:

Jesus went through the same thing.

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My First Father’s Day


Dear Lewis,

Every year, Father’s Day comes and goes without much fuss. It’s not usually a memorable holiday. But this Father’s Day is different. This Father’s Day I’m scared.

I’m scared to talk to my dad, Lewis. I don’t know what to say to your PaPa. I’m not sure I’ll be able to speak if he answers the phone. I feel so ashamed, even though I know he loves me no matter what.

It’s his love that’s the problem.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust “God’s Plan”


Dear Lewis,

One of the most important things I can teach you applies both to writing and God’s plans: don’t get too attached to your original idea.

When you get a flash of inspiration for a story, sit and write about the idea for 10 minutes, and watch how the original idea evolves. Then do it again for another 10 minutes, then another, and then another. In a short period of time your original idea, which is still in there somewhere, will be so much bigger, deeper and greater than you first imagined.

My point is your idea of the story is never the whole story.

Especially with God.

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It Just Doesn’t Fit


Dear Lewis,

Around Easter many magazines, television shows and podcasts like to discuss whether or not the stories about Jesus are true. A lot of books and very smart people have given me good reasons to believe they are. This morning I noticed something that could never, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered proof. However, it’s too interesting for me to ignore.

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