Mountains and Marshmallows: A Letter From Sabrena Klausman

Dear Lewis,

When I was a kid, I used to beg my mom to buy the kid cereal; you know, the one chocked full of marshmallows. I was-still am, actually-crazy about those tasty morsels of sweetness. My reasoning for preferring the marshmallows was simple; the marshmallows were smooth and sweet, while the rest of the cereal was grainy and rough on my tongue. I remember informing my mom that I wish they would make a cereal that was only marshmallows.

Well, wouldn’t you know it? A few years later they made such a cereal. I am not ashamed to say I was first in line to buy this culinary delight. Boy, was I disappointed! It turns out that too much sweetness isn’t all that appetizing.

Eating straight sugar is gross.

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