When We Recognize God’s Voice

Dear Lewis,

It finally happened. There’s not a doubt in my mind. It took 5 months and 11 days, but it happened.

Your mom called this afternoon to talk about buying a basket she’d found to hold your toys. When I responded, she couldn’t hear me because you were making loud cooing noises and excited squeals. It took her a minute, but she got you to be quiet, and we finished our conversation.

A few hours later she called again. And, again, she couldn’t hear what I was saying because of the noises you were making.

Right before I left work your mom called to ask if I’d stop off to get a pizza for dinner. As I tried to ask what toppings she wanted you started in with your high-pitched squeals and Gollum-like cackles.

Your Uncle Josh called while I was waiting at the pizza place. We had a good chat that ended right as I was opening the door to our apartment. I stood in the entryway, arrested by your bright eyes and broad smile. That’s when your mom said it:

“He recognizes your voice.”

I grinned, and she continued: “People have been coming and going all afternoon, and he hasn’t seemed to notice. When we heard you talking outside he just stared at the door until you came in.”

A smile spread across my face.

“I think that’s why he was loud every time we talked on the phone earlier,” she said. “He knew it was you, because of your voice.”

I put down the pizza, picked you up, and kissed you a hundred times. After 5 months and 11 days you finally know when I’m talking. But, I talk a lot, especially to you. I’m surprised it took you this long to recognize my voice.

I wonder if that’s what God said the first time I recognized his voice? Make no mistake, Lewis: God does speak to us. He speaks through his word, through the wisdom and actions of others, and through all creation.

Your mom and I have noticed, in every area of our life, things pointing us in a new direction. We think it’s God’s way of saying we’re about to begin a new season of life. We’re still talking about it, still trying to decide if this is really God or not.

I think it is.

And I think a little ways down the road, once we’ve entered that new season, somehow we’ll hear Him say, “I talk a lot, especially to you. I’m surprised it took you this long to recognize my voice.”

– Dad

Do you remember the last time you felt God speaking to you? How did he do it? Through a friend, a story, a thunderstorm?

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