I’ll Still Be Here When You Need Me

Dear Lewis,

A few months ago you would have cried and screamed and flailed your arms if I’d have laid you on your belly. Now, the moment I put you on the ground you roll over onto your stomach. You don’t stop there. You do this awesome G.I. Joe army crawl that gets you all over the apartment.

It’s wonderful – and terrifying – watching you get into everything in every room of the apartment. I used to say, “I can’t wait until Lewis can do more than just lay on the ground and look cute.” Now, it’s happened. And I’m so proud of how you’ve learned to roll over, get around and entertain yourself.

Pretty soon you’ll learn to crawl. Then walk. Take the bus. Drive. I’ll be there to help you through each transition, but one day I’ll wake up to find you’re capable of moving through most of life on your own. You won’t need me to do much for you anymore.

But I’ll still be there when you do.

Lewis, I’m starting to feel like God often treats me the same way. He’s there when I struggle through times of growth, letting me do as much as I can on my own before stepping in, like I used to do with you during tummy time. As I mature in life, as I grow in my abilities, and my relationship with Him, God allows me the dignity of achieving awesome things all on my own.

Is God always with us? Yes. But, He doesn’t micromanage. He teaches us to be good stewards.

I can’t speak for everyone, Lewis, but here’s how things regularly play out for me:

Being a good steward usually leads to growth. Enough growth means I eventually get in over my head. And getting in over my head is always where God is leading me, because that’s where He is. That’s where He’s able to remind me, to show me, that He is God.

It won’t be long before you learn that as your challenges get bigger, God gets bigger. He’ll be with you every step of the way. Sometimes he’ll be hands-on. Sometimes he’ll be sitting quietly, waiting for you to need help.

Yes, Lewis, you’ll outgrow me. But, you’ll never outgrow God. He’ll help you learn to do more and more things on your own. Great things. But no matter how great you become, there will come a time, an obstacle, a trial, a new adventure, when you will need God.

And He’ll still be there when you do.

I love you, Lewis. God loves you more.

– Dad

Are you in a season of growth, or a season of stewardship?

How has God proven to you that as your challenges get bigger He gets bigger?

Because He’s been faithful in the past, do you trust Him enough to pray, “God, get me in over my head!”?

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