Aunt Niki & Uncle Dago’s Wedding

Dear Lewis,

You partied so hard at Uncle Dago and Aunt Niki’s wedding last night. You owned the dance floor. You and I kicked the party off, and then you and your mom danced; then you and Jacqueline; then you and Aunt Niki. You danced with so many people I lost track. You stayed until the end of the night, until security shut us down!

It wasn’t just last night, though. With the exception of kayaking, you were part of everything this week, including the bonfire at Bonita Cove. You partied hard all week with Aunt Niki and Uncle Dago!

Here’s the thing: people who have only known the bride and groom less than three months don’t usually get invited to something so intimate as a wedding. Do you know why you were invited, accepted with open arms, to be a part of the celebration this week?

Me_LewisBecause you’re my child.

Because of your relationship to me, you were able to attend an event at which you had no right to be. There are people who have known Uncle Dago for thirty years who weren’t invited to the wedding. But because you’re my son you got to go.

Lewis, the Bible says that one day we’ll be invited to the ultimate party in heaven. There will be people there who’ve known God for a hundred years, and there’ll be people who’ve only known Him a few hours. The only reason any of them will be invited is because of their relationship with Jesus. Because of Jesus we can say with confidence that we are children of God.

Most of our lives will prove that we have no right to be there. But none of that will matter. We will be granted entry and treated as if we’d always belonged there all because, and only because, we are children of God.

– Dad


*Happy 1st anniversary Niki and Dago!*


Does the idea that a person’s relationship to Jesus is the only thing that matters to God fill you with hope or frustration?

How does it make you feel to know God loves His children unconditionally, whether they’ve followed Jesus for 10 minutes or 100 years?

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