A Mother’s Day Reminder

Dear Lewis,

After church you and I ran some errands, ate lunch, and then we both took a nap. You’ve been asleep for an hour now, while my nap only lasted about 15 minutes. You might be wondering where your mom is. That’s why I can’t sleep.

While we’re napping, your mom is at a yoga class. Instead of being lazy like us she’s working hard to get back into shape, like she was before she got pregnant.

While lying in bed next to you I experienced something I’d never felt before. My body was totally relaxed and my mind still. Yet something in me was stirring. The best I can put it is that my heart was pulling my mind through the past year.

I saw your mom’s body as it changed into something all together different. I remember the restless nights of sleep, the cramps, the nausea, and the emotions from the weight gain. I watched the agony of 32 sleepless hours of labor before doctors finally cut her open to remove you. I remember her insides being pulled to the outside and placed on her stomach while they cleaned her up. I saw them then put everything back before stapling and sewing her stomach shut.

I relived those three days in the hospital after you were born when she couldn’t get out of bed without the help of two people. I remember the moments when her body seemed even more frail than yours. I recalled the weeks of sleepless nights after we brought you home; her crying from the pain of breastfeeding; the fatigue; the torment permeating her entire body.

Lewis, your mom sacrificed her body for you. I don’t mean that in a vain pre-verses-post-pregnancy-body kind of way. I mean that in order for you to have life she endured months of transformation, physically and mentally, and in the end she was cut open and bled to bring you into this world.

I’ve never seen a person in the moments before they die. But I swear there were times while your mom was in labor that I thought she was actually going to die. Believe me, your mom would have died to bring you to life.

Lewis, Jesus did die to give you life. I’m in awe of everything your mom has done for you. And when I think of how truly Christ-like her actions are I can’t fight back tears.

Like your mom, but to a much, much greater degree, Jesus underwent a transformation; he gave up all he’d ever known to become a flesh and blood man. He chose to endure physical and mental anguish just because he loves you. He spent hours laboring through some of the most intense pain a human can experience when he was beaten, only to have professionals pull him back from the brink of death at the last minute. And he did it all for you.

Jesus went further than your mom, Lewis. Your mom figuratively died to many things in her life, but Jesus literally died for you. You’re alive today because your mom sacrificed herself for you; you will have life, life abundant, and life everlasting because Jesus sacrificed himself for you. Jesus and your mom; the two people I owe your life to.

I can hear keys jingling outside our door now. That’s your mom returning from yoga. I’m going to stop writing to kiss the most Christ-like person I know, and thank her for the sacrifice she made in order that you might live.

– Dad

Who is the Christ-like woman in your life? How has she been an example of Christ’s selflessness and love?

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  1. falon   •  

    I love reading your letters to Lewis. This is my favorite.

  2. leia   •  

    Wow what a gift your son will have with these letters.

  3. Latoya Love   •  

    I just started reading your letters. I am 7 mos pregnant and month 6 was rough with complications that resulted in an emergency surgery. needless to say I needed encouragement and perspective. my husband an I both read this in tears. Thank you Paul Godbout!! this is blessing more that just your son.

    thank you

    • Paulie Godbout Paulie Godbout   •     Author


      Hearing that this letter has provided encouragement, perspective and support to a mom who needs it is the greatest compliment I could ask for. What you moms do for us kids and the example you are to us husbands, there’s nothing that compares to it.

      You’re on my list of people to pray for this week. Have you already chosen a name for the baby? I’d love to lift him/her up by name.

      God bless.

  4. Necole Luce   •  

    Wow! Such an incredible appreciation of your wife and beautiful comparison of a mother’s love and sacrifice to the love Jesus has for us. You have such a gift!

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