Songs About Your Mom

Dear Lewis,

Your mom’s birthday is coming up soon. On December 18th she’ll be 32 years old. I can’t believe it. Not the age thing. I can’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of knowing your mom for eight years now.

She was one of the first people I met when the band moved to Salt Lake. It took her some time, but eventually she actually became friends with us. Another thing I can’t believe.

Someday, I’ll tell you the story of how I met your mother. For now, all you need to know is this:

I’ve traveled the world and have been to a lot of incredible cities. I’ve met a lot of incredible people, some famous, some just downright good folks. I’ve done a lot of incredible things and I know I’ll do even more incredible things still. But when I get to the end of my life, whether it’s you, St. Peter, or Jesus that asks me, “What was the best part?” I’ll say, “Cherie.”

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What I Learned From “The Monster”

Dear Lewis,

You mom and I have begun calling you “The Monster.” You are everywhere, on everything, under everything, and you try to put everything in your mouth. We have an ankle weight on the trash can lid, that I’m sure you’ll be strong enough to lift in a week or two. We only use one outlet in the living room and we’ve had to build a fort of pillows, chairs and an ottoman to keep you from unplugging the computer.

Your mom worked so hard to make our living space feel like a comfortable home, taking great care in deciding where tea tins should go, where photos would look best, which counter space best facilitated the dish drainer. It was all in vain.

Now everything is stacked high, giving the illusion that people a foot taller than your mother and I live in the basement at grandma and grandpa’s. Whatever won’t go on a shelf we hide behind the couch, in cramped closets, under beds and in the dark corners of our home.

You find it all. Because you are a Monster.

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The Power Of Music

Dear Lewis,

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I hate the cold weather. Traveling during Christmas is a nightmare. Pumpkin and peppermint flavored beer, cocktails, coffee drinks and deserts are the worst.

It’s not the parties or the month of excused overeating I love. It’s not that I can watch It’s A Wonderful Life as many times as I want without anyone judging me. And, no, my favorite thing about this time of year isn’t all the Amazon gift cards I get from friends and family.

My favorite part of the Christmas season is the reminder of the power of music.

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Mommy, Garbage and Jesus

Dear Lewis,

You and I had a great time hanging out while mommy was at work today. We ate breakfast with our shirts off, we fixed the tires on your stroller, and we wrestled until we were so exhausted we had to take a nap. When we got up from our nap we continued the party until mommy walked through the door.

We were playing with blocks and cars and stuffed monsters, having a blast, when mommy opened the door. The moment you heard her call, “Luigi! Where are you, love? I need kisses!” you left me in your dust.

You literally tossed your Ugly Doll aside, climbed over the blocks and cars, and crawled as fast as you could to mommy.

I wasn’t hurt; I was moved.

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The Creative, Personal Love Of God

Dear Lewis,

Give. Give with open hands. Look for ways to give. When given the opportunity – give. Give your time, give your money, give your attention, give whatever you’ve got that people want.

Your mom and I talk about money a lot. That’s because we don’t have much. We’ve struggled financially for the three years we’ve been married. But we decided, from the very beginning, we wanted to be people who give.

Lewis, this is going to sound cheesy. I assure you, if you can get passed the fact that it’s an overused phrase, and realize how true it really is, it will change your life.

You can’t out give God.

It’s impossible to out give God. You can try. With a pure heart, and a desire to love Him and love others, you can try. But you will not win.

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